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grey lunar landscapes into the sea
I am still working up the sketch and trying to decide how tall the composition needs to be. Look at me; posting color thumbbails like a Real Artist (tm). Damn, I'm awesome! <3

You can click to see it bigger, if you're so inclined; and lover, you should. ;-)


Meme thing the second!
 Meme thing the second because, as I already whined, Fox doesn't come when called.  At all.  Not even like, takes my number and says he'll get back to me. o.o;  

HOWEVER, in the interest of doing the honorable thing for levadegratchets , who asked for Fox, I will offer a Fox-ish downpayment, in the way of an updated photo of the sculpture. *G*

And then, meme thing the second, two_point 's request, Edda with one eye closed, because that's what he does when he's counting.. days and years, in this case, not that that is obvious in this drawing.  (This is a style I use very seldom.. typically I sketch in pencil and then scan; this is all Photoshop.  I like it - when it behaves - because it forces me to focus on form instead of edge.  I am passionate about edge.. but my sense of form does suffer as a result!)

Also, I am going to attempt to make LJ work with me here.. I will put small versions inline, and link to large versions.  Good, yes?  Good!  Ready-set-go, learn to drive the interwebs!  *vroom*

So!  Here we have the Fox.


And here is Edda!


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LOOK, I posted it!
 XD  Yes, you; I heard you. I'm making myself late coming back from lunch, BUT I AM POSTING IT.


No time for explanations, or even whining about the ugly parts.. it's really pretty damn dreaful in places. D-8

A thing with the thing?
 Stolen from two_point  by way of levadegratchets , because although I don't honestly think that anyone will ask me for a story, fair is fair!

A wild meme appears!

1. Leave a comment with characters and a prompt
2. Get a drabbleish thing
3. Repost the meme in your own LJ

(no subject)
 I got rather annoyed with the horses this morning, scrubbed off 80% of the colour I'd put on, rinsed the whole thing off in the tub, and suddenly I liked it rather a lot better!  (Biggest thing I like about Claybord is that it will take this kind of abuse.  I'm mean to my art.. probably why my occasional sculpting jags are so therapeutic; getting physical with the art-in-progress is, obviously, very necessary.)

The horses seemed too pale, although I liked their ghostly character.  I decided forthwith to leaf the thing and then re-evaluate the colour.  I suppose after I've done 10 or 50 of these I'll have a much better eye for the colour balance.. not yet, though.  

You can see without me telling you that the horses definitely need to be worked in a bit darker; and that while the copper leaf is a total bear to photograph accurately, it is what it is, which is what I love about it.. it's a different painting as the light moves over it.  I love it.  Just as a process note, the white balance here is extremely bad.. the horses are much, much lighter than this.  The green hasn't changed since yesterday, and yesterday's photo is much more accurate, HSV-wise.

Look how good I do!
 Sticking with a resolution for a whole two days in a row.

Clear masking isolates the horses' legs from the water, allowing me to scrub out highlights.  The texture work on the horses is done with a toothbrush.. *spatter spatter*.. and a sponge.  In person it looks rather like a bird egg, which I like.  It needs more darks, though.. I am such a pansy about putting good darks in; no idea why, when I like them so.  Probably because when adding them in paint, it's distressingly easy to screw something up, a-heh.  

Photographed outside, sun behind the clouds, in the shade.  Sitting in the yard, hence the grass peeking up from the bottom.. hello, bits of grass.

determination and headless horses
I am Most Resolute; and this being the case, I'm going to stick progress updates here.. that way, they're staring me in the face (rawr) and I have to keep right on doing something about them!

From here down is pretty much just process nerdery; and unless you're into that sort of thing like I am, you're welcome to, you know, not read it.

In the upper-right is the original sketch; to the left is the sketch cropped to a 4:5 aspect ratio in Photoshop, dragged into Illustrator and scaled to 16" x 20", then printed out in tiles.  To the right is where I've used blue Chacopaper to transfer it to a piece of Claybord.  (Man, I wish they'd leave the damn 'a' in there, that annoys me no end.  Bord.  Gah.)  Now I am working back over the transferred sketch with several types of pencil, trying to decide which gives the line quality that I want.  So far I like the Graphitints the best, but they're water-soluble, and will proably go Everywhere when I try to seal this thing, to say nothing of paint over it.  

Don't know about the blue Chacopaper yet, either.  On the plus side, it can't be erased, although water will remove it.  On the negative side, it can't be erased, although water will remove it.  Hrm.  I'm afraid that I'll be stuck with it once I've sealed this thing to keep the Graphitint from running away.

I could use some of my lovely, wonderful, delicious oil-based colored pencils, however they don't erase well at all.



and this is what I'm doing right now

I could keep doing it; or I could go rot my brain playing video games.  I figure that once in awhile, it's very respectable to engage in a nice, respectable sort of brain-rotting activity!

Last statement is what do you mean?  My desk IS clean.

Erm.. Hello?
Oh, wow... HI!  You probably came here from wreathsandbells , and were expecting.. wow.. more than this!  Sorry about that!  

My deviantArt account is a little more interesting, I promise!



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